The 3 Best Tips On How To Pack The Fragile Items When Moving

Packing is not as simple as putting everything inside a box and then seal it. It needs more care than that most especially if we are dealing with antique and rare collections that can already be considered as part of history. To ensure the safety of your fragile valuables, here are the best tips on how you can pack it to survive the long transport without incurring any damages.

1. Take time

When packing for precious items, it should not be rushed. Spare some time to make sure that it will be done properly and with precaution. Some things come to an irregular size. You also need to consider the boxes that you have to use with these kinds of items. The trick is start planning on how to pack these things at least a couple of weeks before the move.

2. The Tiered Stacking

The plates and glasses are one of the things that are at risk of being damaged during the move. Prepare a box but don’t forget to use a support before stacking your stuff inside. You can use a bubble wrap that will serve as a cushion then add some cloth and repeat the process. It reduces the impact it can get from the road bumps.

3. Never forget the label

It doesn’t matter how careful the movers are because it will be useless if you will forget labeling your boxes. It is a golden rule when it comes to moving. Label the boxes accordingly and make sure that you can put a clear sign if the items inside the box are fragile.

If you can practice these three essential tips, your valuables should be safe and secure even on a long travel time. I’m pretty sure a little road bump can do no harm with your precious stuff.

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