The 4 Essential Questions That You Need To Ask The Moving Company

Hiring a mover is something that should not be done in a rush. It is important for you to find a credible mover who will take care of your things. To ensure that you can get the best firm to do the job, here are the inquiries that you need to ask the moving companies before deciding which one to hire.

1. Is your business insured?

It is the first and most crucial question that you need to ask the movers. You need to protect your belongings that if something happens there will be an insurance to cover for it. Asking about it should not be enough. Request a copy of it and have it checked.

2. Are the movers ready to do the job?

You need to ask about the capabilities of the movers who will be in-charge of the move. It is best if the company will send people who already have long years of experience in the field. You can also ask for the training that they went through to be on the safe side.

3. Do you have an estimate for the move?

Getting an estimate is necessary if you want to follow a budget for the move. It’s just that not all companies can offer it. You just need to be clear with their rates and consider that distance of the move, the size of your house and even the volume of your belongings.

4. What is the work I’d be responsible for?

Moving companies have different terms. You can acquire the moving service alone while you stay in charge of the packing. It will depend on which services you’d acquire for the job.

Take note of these questions because it can help you in determining the right moving company to assist you with the move.

And one bonus – If you are moving long distance you should ask them that.  We were recently contacted by a customer that was search for Phoenix moving companies and they came across that one that didn’t provide long distance moves. They only provide local moves in Phoenix.  That is the case with a lot of companies. Some aren’t licensed to move out of state.

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