Arsenal newbie Mustafi is good, but not that great!

The summer transfer window is in full swing, which means that the Premier League will soon be in full-swing. The new season is going to be interesting, because there are a lot of interesting matches ahead of us. Among the most interesting are the matches of the English Premier League.
The new season will bring a lot new faces to the team, and it is worth noting that the players of the team are not that young. So, the main goal of the club is to get into the Champions League zone.
In the summer, the team had a number of transfers, which made the team look better. The main transfer of the summer was the acquisition of the young midfielder Mustafi. The player has already played for the team for several years, and he is a good player.
However, the player is not that good in the Premier league. He is not able to get along with the main leaders of the squad, and this is a big problem for the club.

The team has a number players who are able to play in the attack, and the team is also able to use the players in defense. However, the club has a lot more to do, and they will have to do it in the next season.
You can always follow the livescore football on the reliable resource. Here, you can find the results of all the matches that are held at any time of the day.
Main transfer news for the new season
The main transfer news of the new year are the transfers of the main stars of the Premier. The transfer of Riyad Mahrez to Liverpool was a good one, because the player was able to improve the team’s attack.
Also, the transfer of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was successful, because this player was not able at all to get the respect of the fans. However the player managed to improve his game, and now he is able to become a good leader of the Arsenal.
Another transfer that was successful was the transfer from Manchester United. The club bought the young player Marcus Rashford, who is able now to become an important player for the Red Devils.
Manchester United also bought the goalkeeper Alisson. The goalkeeper is able not only to save the lives of the players, but also to make a good performance in the field.
Now, the new football season is in its last stage, and we will see a lot changes in the team. The players of Manchester United will have a lot to do in the future, because they have a number leaders who are not able yet to get to the level of the leaders of their team.
Will the team of Jose Mourinho be able to achieve success in the new campaign?
The season of the Champions league is coming to an end, and so far, the Mourinho’ team of Manchester united has not been able to win the trophy. The team has been in the Champions club tournament for a long time, and their performance in this tournament has been quite good.
Despite the fact that the team has not won the trophy, the players have managed to do their best. The coach of the Mourinho team is able, because of his experience, to decide on the right moment for the game.
It is worth mentioning that the season of Champions league has been very interesting, and there have been a lot a lot interesting matches. Among them are the following:
* “Bayern Munich” – “Manchester United”;
* “Inter” – “Barcelona”.
All the matches were interesting, but the most important of them was the game between “Liverpool” and “Arsenal”, which ended in a score of 2:0. The game was really interesting, especially because the first goal was scored by the player of “Tottenham” Harry Kane.
This was the first time that the player scored a goal in the game of ”Liverpool’, and many people were surprised by this. However it is obvious that the main star of the “Red” team, Mohamed Salah, was able not to score a goal, because he was injured.
If you look at the livescores of the game, you will see that the game ended with a score 2:1. The second goal was also scored by “Salah” of ‘Tottenham,’ and it was a great goal. The ball was deflected to the left of the goal, and ‘Salah managed to score the ball with his left foot.
“Liverpool “won the game with a goal score of 3:2. The first goal of ’Liverpool‘ was scored in the second minute of the match. The goal was a bit difficult to score, because it was in the middle of the field, and a defender was able just to stop the ball.
But the player from “LFC” managed to finish the ball perfectly. The result of the victory of the Liverpool team was a nice victory for the fans of the football team. You can always find the liveshows of the matches on the website of sports statistics.

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