EPL Predictions: Chelsea – Huddersfield – 1:0

The EPL is always a tough fight. The fight for the title is always tough, but the fight for survival is even more difficult. This season, the fight is between the teams that are fighting for the coveted title. The main contenders for the champion title are:
1. Chelsea. The Blues are in great shape and are in the fight of the season. They have a good lineup, which allows them to fight for every single position.
2. Manchester City. The Citizens have a great lineup, too, but it is not enough to win the title. They need to be in the best shape, and that is why they are always in the middle of the standings.
3. Liverpool. The Merseysiders are in a great shape, too. They are in an excellent shape, but they need to fight against the teams in the top 4.
The fight for victory is always interesting, but this season the fight will be even more interesting. The teams have different styles, which makes the fight even more exciting.

The first matches of the new season of the English Premier League have already shown that the fight between the clubs is really intense. The EPL season is always exciting, because the teams fight for gold medals, and it is always difficult to predict the outcome of the fight.
In the current season, there are a lot of interesting fights, and the fight against Liverpool is one of the most interesting. It is not surprising that the Merseysides have already won the title, because they are in excellent shape.
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The season of English football has already ended, and now it is time to analyze the results. The season was very interesting, and many teams managed to win a lot.
Of course, the most successful teams are the ones that won the most trophies. Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Manchester United were the most victorious.
This season, it was really difficult to win gold medals. The previous season, Arsenal and Chelsea won the gold medals in the Epl. However, this time the Merseyites did not have the same motivation to win. The Gunners were in a really bad shape, so they did not want to fight with the Merseids.
However, the Merselles managed to finish in the Champions League zone, which is a great achievement. The team managed to do it, because it was not in the strongest position in the league table.
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Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur – 1-0
The start of the current EPL campaign was not the best for Tottenham Hotspurs. The club was in a difficult situation, because its main rivals were not in good shape. The first matches showed that the Spurs were not ready to fight. This was obvious, because their rivals were able to take advantage of the weak points of the Spurs.
At the same time, the Spurs managed to score a lot, which was really unexpected. The players were not used to playing in a high-quality league, and they did everything to win, but that did not work out.
After the first matches, it became obvious that the team needs to do some changes. The current Tottenham Hotsur needs to improve its lineup, because there were not enough leaders. The Spurs have a lot to improve, because this season they are fighting against the main contenders of the title:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Arsenal.
If the current Tottenham team does not improve its position in a few matches, then the team will not be able to fight the main favorites of the EFL Cup.
We will see if the changes will help the team to fight in the championship.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the championship is the fight with Chelsea. Chelsea is the main contender for the championship, because of the following reasons:
· The strong lineup of the Blues.
· The experience of the leaders.
These are the main reasons that the Blues are the most likely to win it. The following teams are also in the main fight for it:
• Manchester City
• Liverpool; and
• Tottenham Hotspa.
All the teams have their advantages and disadvantages, but Chelsea has the strongest lineup and the most experienced leaders. This is why the Blues have the edge.
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Latest Results of the Premier league
The current season of EPL has already shown us that the struggle for the main title is really tough. The most interesting fights are held between the top teams. The top 4 teams are: Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal. The last season, Liverpool and Arsenal were the main competitors of the Reds.

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