Giroud, new Arsenal captain?

The summer transfer window has brought a lot of interesting news to the football world. Among the most interesting are the transfers of the main stars of the Premier League.
Among the new arrivals, the most significant are:
1. Giroud. The Frenchman has joined the Gunners on a free transfer, which means that he will not have to pay the transfer fee. Giroux has already managed to score a few goals for the team and he is ready to prove his worth in the Premier league.
2. Ramsey. The England international has joined Arsenal from Leicester. The team has already shown that it is capable of winning the Premier championship.
3. Ozil. The German has joined from Bayern Munich. He is a great player, who is able to score many goals and make the team look good.
4. Aubameyang. The striker from Borussia Dortmund has joined on a loan. He will be able to prove himself in the English Premier league, too.
5. Sokratis. The young Greek player has joined Chelsea from Arsenal. He has already scored a few times in the Champions League and is ready for the Premier.
The new season of the English premier league is already starting. The teams are ready to fight for the title. The fight for gold medals is already underway, and the main contenders for gold are: Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea.
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Latest Premier league news on fscore
The English Premier League is the most popular football championship in the world. This is due to the fact that it attracts the attention of millions of fans from all over the world, which makes it one of the most important tournaments in the sports world.
In the current season, the Premier club league is very interesting for fans of the sport. The main contenders are: Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea, who have already won the title for the second time in a row.
Despite the fact, that the teams have not been at the same level for a long time, they are still able to fight against each other. The current season has already seen the teams’ struggle for the champion title.
City and Liverpool have already managed not to lose the title, which has been their goal for a few seasons. However, the teams are not at the level of the leaders, which is why they are fighting for the gold medals.
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The current season of Premier league is the best yet. The top teams are fighting not only for gold, but also for the championship title. This fight will be held for a third time in the history of the tournament, which shows that the level is increasing.
Manchester City is the main contender for the victory in the current championship. The Citizens have been in the leading position for a couple of seasons in arow, and they have managed to win the title once again.
However, they have not yet been able to win it for a fourth time. The previous season, they lost the title to Chelsea. However this time the Citizens have a lot to prove.
They have a new coach, and this will help them to fight even more. The City have already shown their class in the international arena, and now they are ready for a fight in the domestic arena.
Liverpool and Chelsea are the other teams that are ready not to give up. They are ready, too, to fight not only against their rivals, but against the teams from the other leagues.
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What are the main goals of Manchester City?
The main goal of Manchester city is to win gold medals again. The last time they won the championship was in 2002. This time, the Citizens are ready.
This season, City has already showed that they are able to compete with the leaders. The club has already won a couple more trophies than its rivals. The most impressive of them is the Champions league. The players of the Citizens showed great performance in the group stage, where they were defeated by the team of Real Madrid.
Now, the team is ready not only to fight with its rivals, who are stronger than it, but to win a lot more trophies.
It is very important for the Citizens to win in the EPL. The fans expect the team to be at the top of the standings, which will help it to win more trophies and to get to the Champions cup.
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Live football results on fscor
The season of English football is already over, but the results are already starting to show. The matches of this season have already given us a lot, and we can already say that the season is already in its final stage.
There is no doubt that the main favorites of the EFL Cup are Manchester City.

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