Bale injured and out for 2 weeks

The injury to David De Gea is the latest in a long line of injuries that have affected the Manchester United lineup. The club’s management has already been trying to find a solution for the problem for a long time. The problem is that the club has a lot of players who are not ready to play in the starting lineup.
The club is in the middle of the transfer window and the main priority is to strengthen the squad. The situation is not so serious, however, the situation is still not ideal.
De Gea has already missed a lot, so he needs to rest and recover. The team needs to find another goalkeeper who can replace De Geas’ skills.

The problem is not only De Geac’. The other players have also been injured. The list of injured players includes:
· Lukaku;
· Martial;
· Rashford;

· Pogba.
It is obvious that the team needs a new goalkeeper. The previous one, David de Gea, was not able to play for a number of matches. The new goalkeeper will have to be ready to take the place of the previous one.
Also, the club needs to strengthen its lineup. It is obvious, that the previous players have already played a lot and it is time for them to rest.
However, the team has a good chance of winning the Premier League title. The main problem is the lack of a good goalkeeper. De Geasa is not the only one who needs to be replaced. The players need to strengthen their lineup. This is what the management is doing now.
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The situation in the Manchester City is not too serious. The squad of Josep Guardiola is not very strong. The leaders of the team are young and not very experienced. The City has a long bench and the players are not used to playing with each other.
In the current season, the City has not won any trophy. The last time the club won the Premier league was in 1990. The Guardiola team has not been able to win the Champions League for a year.
This season, there are a lot chances that the City will win the title. However, the main problem for the team is the absence of a leader. The lack of motivation is obvious. The fans expect the team to win trophies.
Despite the fact that the season is not going well for the club, the fans are still optimistic. The most important thing for the fans is to see the results of the club. The results of Guardiola’ team are not very good.
Manchester United is not in the best shape too. The current season is the worst for the Red Devils. The management has not managed to find the right players for the lineup. They have not been very successful in the transfer market.
Jose Mourinho’ squad is not a good option either. The Portuguese coach has not found the right solution for his team. The problems of the players of the Mourinho team are obvious.
What to expect from the Champions league draw
The Champions League draw is very interesting. The draw is held every year, and this year it is especially interesting for the football fans.
Of course, the most interesting part of the draw is the group stage. The teams that have not played in the Champions Cup will play against each other in the group. The group stage is very important for the teams that want to qualify for the next stage of the tournament.
At the group stages, the teams will play with each others for a place in the next round. The best teams will be able to get into the playoffs. The next stage is the Champions.
There are several teams that are fighting for the right to enter the next tournament. The following teams are in the fight for the first place in their groups:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Bayern;
The teams that enter the playoffs will be the following:
1. Barcelona;
2. Madrid;
3. PSG;
4. Bayern; and
5. Liverpool.
Each of the teams has a strong lineup. Each of them has a number 1 goalkeeper and a number 2 goalkeeper.
Barcelona has Lionel Messi. The number 1 is the goalkeeper of the Catalan club.
PSG has Neymar. The goalkeeper of Paris is the number 2.
Liverpool has the number 1 of the English Premier League. The Liverpool goalkeeper is the best in the world.
Every team has its own strengths and weaknesses. The Champions League is a tournament that is very popular among the fans. The matches are held in different parts of the world and the teams have to play against the best teams from other parts of Europe.
Many teams have a long tournament distance. The first matches of the Champions are held only in the first rounds. The remaining matches are played in a short time.
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The season of the Spanish championship is coming to its end. The end of the season has already come for Real Madrid. The Madrid club has not performed well in the current campaign. The coach of the Royal club, Zinedine Zidane, has not given the team a chance.

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