Morata: I deserve to play Champions League

Juventus’s head coach, Josep Guardiola, has repeatedly stated that he wants to win the Champions League. However, the team’stopper has not yet managed to get the necessary results in the domestic arena.
In the Champions league, the Turin giants have a good lineup, which is able to play in any situation. The main problem is the lack of motivation. The team has already lost to Real Madrid in the group stage of the Champions.

Juve is not the only team that is not able to compete with the leaders in the Champions tournament. Other teams are not able even to enter the playoffs.
However, the situation is not as bad as it seems. The players of the team are motivated and are ready to fight for the victory.
The main problem of the club is the fact that it does not have a stable coach. The previous season, the players of Juventus were not able not to finish in the top 4.
It is clear that the team needs to strengthen its lineup. The coach needs to make sure that the players understand the importance of each individual performance.
Moreover, the club needs to find a new coach who can motivate the players and give them the necessary motivation.
You can always follow the latest news from the Champions club tournament on the sports statistics website. Here, you can find the results of all competitions held in the world.
Latest results of the Italian championship
The Italian championship is coming to an end. The last rounds have shown that the teams are still not able finish in first place.
This is a clear sign that the season is far from being over. The teams have a lot of matches ahead, so it is now more important than ever to finish the season in the first position.
Among the main contenders for the title, Juventus is the most likely to win. The Turin club has a good squad and is able not only to finish first, but also to take the lead in the fight for gold medals.
Juvenis’ chances of winning the championship are much higher than those of Milan, Inter, and Roma. However the latter three teams are quite far behind Juventus in terms of the number of points.
At the moment, the Milan club is in the middle of the standings, but it is not in the lead. The situation in the championship is quite unstable, so the team can easily lose points. The Milan club has not been able to achieve the desired results in recent years.
One of the main reasons for this is the absence of the leader. The club needs a new leader who will motivate the team and give it the necessary impetus to finish on a high note.
Main results of Serie A
The season of the Serie A is coming. The championship has already shown that there are still some issues with the fight against the leaders.
Milan is the main contender for the champion title. The squad of the Rossoneri has a great lineup, and it is able compete with any other team in the Italian league.
Despite the fact, that the previous season was not successful for the Rossonera, the squad managed to finish at the first place in the standings.
Another strong point of the Milan team is the youth. The Rossoneris have a large number of players who are able to help the team in different ways.
There are also a lot more stars in the lineup of the squad. This allows the team to be more flexible in terms not only of the results, but of the structure of the game as well.
If the Milan squad is able, then it is quite possible that it will be able to finish among the leaders of the championship.
Livescore today of the English Premier League
The current season of English Premier league is quite successful for several teams. The first place is won by Manchester United. The Red Devils have a very good lineup that is able fight for every single position in the league table.
After the first rounds, the Red Devils were able to take advantage of the mistakes of their rivals. The Manchester United had a lot to do with this. The defense of the Red devils was not able at all to protect the goal.
United’sspending was not enough, and the team was not at the top of the table. However after the first round, the results began to change for the better.
Manchester United has a very interesting lineup, but the main problem for the team is that it needs to improve the results in each of the matches it takes part in.
Many people are not happy with the results the team has. However this is not a problem for Jose Mourinho. He knows that the results are not the most important, and he is trying to get his players to understand this.
Mourinho is trying not to lose points, and this is why he is doing his best to get a positive result in each match.
Today livescore of the EPL
The results of Manchester United have not been so good for a long time. The fans are not satisfied with the team results, and they are demanding a lot from their favorite team.
Jose Mourinho is trying his best not to let the team lose points in matches against the weaker teams. This is why the team wants to finish as high as possible in the table, so that it can take advantage in the next season.

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