Paul Pogba is not happy with his coach

Paul Pogba is not happy with his coach, Jose Mourinho. The player was furious when he saw the Portuguese’s tactics. The Portuguese is known for his attacking style of play, which is not in line with the club’ football philosophy.

The player has already left the team and is now in the market for a new club. The most likely option is Manchester United. The club has a lot of potential and is ready to give Pogba a chance. The United players have a good chance of winning the Premier League, so the player will not be able to get a chance in the Champions League.
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Manchester United Prospects
The club has recently been in a crisis, so it is not surprising that the players are not in the best shape. The team has a good opportunity to win the Premier title, but it is unlikely to do it. The players need to improve their game, and the club needs to make some changes.
The main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The coach has not managed to get the team to play in the top 4, so he has to rely on the results of the matches. The lack of results has already affected the team’ fight for the title.
However, the players have good chances to get into the Champions league zone, and it is worth noting that the team has the potential to win in the Europa League. The main problem is the fact that the club has not been able to show its best game for a long time.
It is also worth noting the fact the club is not ready to spend big money on transfers, so there is a high probability that the player Pogba will leave the club.
If the player leaves, then the club will have to look for a replacement. The first option is to sign a new player from the market, but the club does not have the budget for this. Another option is for the club to sell the player. The transfer fee of the player is not high, so this option is also possible.
This is why it is important for the team not to lose the player, and this is why the club should not give up on the player in the long run. The situation with the player has worsened recently, so if the player does not want to stay in the team, then he should consider moving to another club. If the player wants to stay, then it is necessary for the coach to find a way to motivate the players.
English Premier League Standings
The English Premier league is one of the most popular football tournaments in the world, and there is no doubt that the competition is very intense. The Premier league standings are constantly changing, and in the current season, the top four teams have a chance to win a place in the next season’ Champions League zone.
In the current Premier league season, Manchester United has a chance of getting into the top-4. The Red Devils have a very good chance to get to the Champions club tournament. The problem is that the squad of Jose Mourinho has not yet been able show its maximum.
Moreover, the team does not play in a very attacking way, which has also affected the results. The results of Manchester United have been poor for a while, and now the club cannot even get into top-3.
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United Prospects in Current Season
The current season of the football tournament is not going well for the Red Devils. The squad of Mourinho has problems in the matches against the weaker teams. The problems of the club are not limited to the results, because the team also does not show its full potential.
There is a good possibility that the coach of the United will have a change, so in the near future, it will be interesting to watch the changes in the lineup of the Red devils.
New York Red Bulls Prospects
After the departure of the coach, the Red Bulls have a lot to do. The current lineup of this team is not very good, and if the players do not improve their results, then they will not get into a good position in the standings.
One of the main problems of this club is the poor motivation of the players, because they do not have a clear goal. The motivation of Josep Guardiola’ squad is not so high, and they are not able to play a good game.
Another problem of this squad is the bad form of the goalkeeper, and many of the goals of the season have been scored by the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is not able not to make mistakes, and he is often the main goal of the game of the opponents.
Thus, the current lineup is not a good option for the New York Red bulls, and a change is needed. The new coach of this football team should focus on the lineup and not on the goalkeeper’ performance.
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